About Me
To tell a bit about my background and education.

I have lived all over the United States and have come back to Oregon and went back to school in 2002.  I first took a Tax Accounting class to help my mothers roommate with a tax audit as she made some grievous errors.  After successfully completing the course and the audit, I decided to try my hand and getting my first college degree.

Before going back to college I have worked as a security guard, main banker in a casino, a reserve deputy/marine deputy for a county here in Oregon.  I have even decorated a cake or two.

In 2004 I graduated from Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR with my AS in Accounting ( I was on the Dean's list once, and made Phi Theta Kappa).  I took payroll classes and also some computer courses that I thought would be helpful, excel and access.  With this degree I applied to go to Western Oregon University, I was on the Deans list again one year. It was hard, but well worth the effort, I showed my own children that you do not have to be discouraged if you could not meet your goals right away, there is always time if you put your mind to it.

IN 2005 I started my Business DG's Designs, this was always working with businesses to help them with whatever they needed, with the skills that I have. 

In 2006 I graduated from Western Oregon University with my BS in Business with a focus in Accounting and a Minor in Entrepreneurship.  I took the individual and corporate tax courses as well as advanced accounting and auditing, nothing like a good challenge to ensure you earned your degree.  

I was then hired at a company in Portland, OR where I was their Staff Accountant, I also took over the purchasing of supplies for the office and the warehouse.  I helped facilitate bringing the payroll in-house where it saved the company thousands of dollars each year.  The first year I was there I helped with getting the imports department to be more accurate with paperwork and tracking.  This alone created a 98% improvement over previous procedures, and improved monthly financial presentation.  We were then able to track information, ensure that they were transferred correctly and that inventory was showing a correct value.  

After leaving that company I worked on going back to college to get my Masters.  

At the end of March 2013 I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Masters in Forensic Accounting.  What is Forensic Accounting? It is the process of investigating for fraud and the prevention of fraud.  A company that suspects theft of money or even inventory can bring in a forensic accountant and have them investigate the books, personnel, and the accounting process to see what has happened and give recommendations to solve the problem or even help prevent fraud in the future by setting up good internal controls.

For four years my education is being put to use doing insurance audits for Workman's Compensation and General Liability Insurance, I also can go in and help companies set up their payroll so that it is easier to keep track and comply with any insurance requirements, this benefits for cost accounting as well. 

I am also an Organic cleaning nut, I make my own cleaning supplies, grow my own herbs and don't have mosquitoes at my house.  I had had surgery on one of my feet and during my recoup I started making Organic Vegan Soap, I also make Body scrubs and Body Butter, and Meat/Vegetable Rub.  These will be found on the product for sale page.

In my free time I also sell Body Comfort Heatpacks, these are completely reusable and have a limited lifetime warranty.  They may not be completely organic but the solution is a saline component that has a chemical reaction to create the heat.  Email me for further details on these.

I hope you enjoyed my little dialog, and hope to hear from you soon.
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