Additional Services
Additional Services

Fingerprinting W7 Applications - ITINS Education Registered Agent
I can provide fingerprinting services for those that cannot find the services elsewhere.  I do not have livescan, I only have the ink and cards.
I am a CAA agent, in other words, I can file your ITIN paperwork with your taxes without sending your original documents.  ITIN's are not used for work, they can only be used for tax purposes at this time, but it is one step in the process of becoming legal in the US.  Let us help. I am a QuickBooks Pro Advisor as well as having worked with the software for many years.  I can help you understand how you need to structure for your business needs as not all businesses need the same setup and reports. If you do business in Oregon you have to have a physical location, so if you do not have a location for papers to be served to, you need a registered agent.  Some businesses run out of their homes and don't want paperwork served there so they get a registered agent.  This is another service that I can offer.

Forensic Accounting Process Serving Wedding Officiant Inspections
Forensic Accounting is the process of looking into accounts to see if anyone has been stealing from the company or can you improve on your processes to reduce the possibility of theft/fraud.  You cannot eliminate it completely as theft if time is the biggest theft there is, but let us see if we can help.
Need paperwork or court documents served and the Police or Sheriffs office can not get it done for you.  I can help.

Want an non-traditional wedding? 

I perform weddings for all walks of life.  Let the universe surround you and let the energy take you where you need to soar.

Hand-fasting is a wonderful ceremony.

-Merchant vendors will send out inspectors to verify businesses before approving credit card processing.  This happens a lot with either new businesses or with businesses ran out of the home.

-Deliver letters on behalf of creditors, due to unpaid bills or loss of communication (none of our business why, we just deliver).  

- Visit property to take photos for the owners to show condition of the property, this may be on behalf of an insurance company (before or after the repairs).  On behalf of the Mortgage company (we are not informed why, and none of our business).

- Perform vehicle inspections; where the car has been totaled and the insurance company will send us out to take complete pictures of the vehicle and obtain documents and infornation.

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